Driving Productivity, Innovation, Value, & Risk Management

MDMi specializes in customized data strategy and database implementation for enterprise-level data spanning testing and trial data, to pedigree, manufacturing, sustainability, modelling, and more! With over a decade of experience as a leading database services provider, MDMi offers powerful insight and tailored solutions to standardize processes and capture, activate, and fully leverage an organization’s data intelligence.

Why Data Management?

Data management enables organizations to effectively store, organize, protect, and utilize their data assets.

From fundamental research to product development and manufacturing, effective data management connects technical and business requirements to inform decision-making, capture new insights, and ensure successful outcomes. Without proper, organized, and easily accessible data, research is often duplicated, knowledge is lost, and a lack of traceability impedes progress. Implementing data management practices can transform operations, boost productivity, streamline collaboration, and enhance security.

Key Benefits
  • Boost operational efficiency and cost savings
  • Inform decision-making and increased productivity
  • Improve data quality, consistency, and access
  • Elevate data compliance, governance, and security
  • Ensure risk mitigation and traceability
  • Integrate software to reveal new insights
  • Enhance data analytics and reporting
  • Promote collaboration and cross-functional cooperation
what we offer
Full Solution Provider

MDMi offers powerful services, software, and tools to maximize the impact of data.

  • Client-centric Data Consulting, Strategy, and Architecture
  • Expert Database Design, Implementation, & Administration
  • Data Engineering Services for Importing and Auditing
  • Personalized Interfaces to Enhance User Experiences
  • Custom Software and Tools to Increase Productivity
  • Tailored Training Programs and Workshops and more
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