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Data Engineering

Successful data management requires resources and time investment. When personnel have other priorities and there is no single point of contact, database implementations can become stagnant. These challenges are addressed through Data Engineering services, where MDMi’s trusted experts handle data to allow engineers and scientists to focus energy on research, not data entry.

Your data. Your requirements. Your processes.

Why utilize Data Engineering services?

MDMi’s Data Engineering services create a low-effort all-in-one solution to data management.

Data Engineering services provide personalized support and expert advice, from the bulk population of new and historical data to data auditing, real-time support, and more. MDMi is there for the customer and can handle data in any format, following specified rules and procedures.  Importantly, MDMi’s Data Engineering services are flexible and do not exist in a one-size-fits-all form. These services help maximize return on investment, adding value faster and increasing data hygiene, quality, and consistency.

Personalized Support Services
  • Data Loading – importing of new and legacy data
  • Data Governance – coordinating data approvals and release
  • Data Auditing – ensuring accurate, complete, and consistent data
  • Database Management – supporting database changes and maintenance
  • Expert Advise – Identifying data gaps and opportunities for enhancement