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Whether you are new to concepts of data management, are looking to train incoming staff on organizational processes, or are a seasoned user looking to advance your database administration skills, MDMi has you covered. With personalized learning tailored to your skill level and goals, our expert instructors leverage over a decade of real-world experience to introduce and foster the skills needed to maximize data impact at your organization.

End User Training
Browsing and Searching Data
Understand basic database architecture and learn how to navigate a Granta MI database, from browsing to advanced searching.
Editing and Importing Data
Learn and utilize available pathways to get data into your database, from basic manual data entry to the use of tools and applications to import and modify bulk data.
Reporting Data
Learn how to compile and compare data in both graphical and tabular formats.
Advanced Training
Import Template Authoring
Learn how to design and create Excel-based templates to streamline and standardize import processes and enable bulk data loading.
Export Template Authoring
Learn how to create export templates to simplify and enhance downstream data usage within third-party software.
Python STK Workshop
An overview of Python STK capabilities, which can be used to program tools capable of handling complex, multi-step tasks.
Database Administrator Training
Database Development
Gain a detailed understanding of database architecture and learn how to create a Granta MI database.
Database Security and Control
Learn how to set up user roles, access privileges, and version control to protect restricted data and monitor changes.
Data Flow and Integration Workshops
Overview, design, and planning workshops to establish a pathway for data governance and enable gateways to streamline downstream data use.
General Database Design
Discovery Workshop
Workshop to hone in on an organization’s specific data management needs and develop a phase strategy to meet their data vision and goals.
Database Design and Best Practices
Learn principles and key considerations to improve the user experience and design as a system that can seamlessly integrate with and strengthen existing processes.
Database Administration and Maintenance
Learn principles, considerations, and general maintenance for database upkeep.
Our Expertise

Learn how Data Management can drive Productivity, Innovation, Value, and Risk Management